Just BREATHE Heated Yoga guides you on how to strengthen the heart, lungs and muscles while building endurance, balance and flexibility.

Just BREATHE Heated Yoga brings an authentic yoga experience to you with thermal heat and a meditative candle-lit environment. We also offer the option of bringing a portable yoga studio to you.

Who is Just BREATHE Heated Yoga for?

For those who seek to find a way to obtain balance between body and mind.

For individuals looking to build strength and endurance as well as relieving stress in their everyday lives.

Perfect for work team building—consider heated yoga for work retreats at the office or book an hour in the studio with your colleagues for a refreshing team-building session.

Daycares and Schools: We offer fun classes for kids with a focus on balance and strength as well as breathing techniques to teach how to regulate emotional stressors and manage anxiety.  Our classes are suitable for all ages and can help children gain strength and mindfulness. We can provide portable classes to bring our classes to you—at any school or daycare facility.

Sport teams: The class is tailored to provide athletes body and mind awareness through balancing and strengthening postures. Athletes can use yoga to improve range of motion, mobility and coordination as well as helping them to boost performance and prevent injuries. 


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Just BREATHE offers heated yoga classes including Vinyasa flows for beginners, Vinyasa power flow, restorative yin classes and even yoga for kids.

Our studio offers child-minding services during yoga sessions so you can tend to your mind and body while we tend to your kids.

Vinyasa flow

A combination of therapeutic asanas and heat that provides a balance of cardiovascular activity with strengthening. The class promises an energetic pace where students flow from one posture into the next while connecting breathing with movement.

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga targets the connective tissues, fascia, ligaments, joints and bones. Through specific postures that are held for 3- 5 minutes this slower meditative class allows you to turn inward and tune into your mind and the physical sensations of the body.

Gentle Flow

This class offers gentle yoga sequences to help you gain overall body strength and increase flexibility as well as improving body balance. Regular yoga can decrease pain and joint stiffness and improve mobility and balance.

Yoga for Kids

This is a unique class to help your children build confidence and feel calmer with yoga-based games, activities and stories. You’re never too young to learn the benefits of yoga practice.

Class Schedule

Our Fall Schedule


10:30AM – Gentle Flow
1:00PM – Vinyasa Flow
7:40PM – Yin Yoga


9:30AM – Yin Yoga
1:30PM – Vinyasa Flow
5:00PM – Gentle Flow


10:30AM – Gentle Flow
1:00PM – Vinyasa Flow
5:00PM – Yin Yoga


9:30AM – Yin Yoga
1:00PM – Gentle Flow
7:00PM – Vinyasa Flow 
8:15PM – Yin Yoga


10:00AM – Gentle Hatha


12:00PM – Vinyasa Flow
1:30PM – Kids 4 Week Yoga


11:30AM – Vinyasa Flow
7:30PM – Yin Yoga

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Price List

  • Drop In $18
  • Punch Passes - 10 $150
  • Punch Passes - 20 $260
  • Monthly Unlimited $160
  • Kids Yoga (4-Weeks) $75

Child Minding

  • Hourly $3
  • Monthly $25

Child Minding Available Monday – Friday Morning & Afternoon Classes

Coming to Lacombe this September

Our heated yoga teaches you how to build mindful, deeper breath to train the lungs to expand and retain more oxygen into the bloodstream and more oxygen to the organs.

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